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September 30, 2016

We love books, we publish books.  Take a look to our new books of Tarot and Astrology, or check out our Parenting help guides.

To become a Tarotistist you need to learn, so, there’s no better way to learn than reading tarot books, checking our brand new decks, check tarot blogs, or organize the online resources and communities. Go from Tarot Beginner to Tarot expert in days.

We also procude different kinds of books for all the family, as parenting guides, creating cooking series or books form women. Check out out offers.

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  • Parenting

    • Oh boy! Oh boy!
    • Taking Charge
  • Creative Cooking Series

    • Classic Liqueurs
    • Gourmet Mustards
    • Food No matter what
  • Children’s Stories

    • Sacred Myths.
  • Women’s

    • Love, Lose and Healing
    • Inventing Ourselves again
  • TarotSpirituality and Tarot

    • The Godess speaks
    • Spirited Threads
    • Redefining Success
  • Paths

    • Journey in the middle of the road

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